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Code Alarm, Chapman & Ford 2-Button Replacement Remotes

Code Alarm, Chapman & Ford 2-Button Replacement Remotes
(a.k.a. Transmitters & FOB's)

All Code Alarm Remotes come with Do-It-Yourself Remote Programming Instructions

Complete Stock of the latest, older and hard to find Code Alarm Remotes. Factory Authorized Dealer.

Don’t get stuck with a remote purchase that didn’t include programming instructions or ones that have factory programming instructions written for experienced technicians. Even worse, ones that indicate that you need to visit your local Dealer or installer to have it programmed! (Cost: $75.00 or more, Ouch!)

Have clear, concise step-by-step programming instructions that your neighborhood Dealer doesn’t want you to know about, that you can do yourself! All our replacement remotes include QwikSync™ programming instructions that can have you programming your own remote yourself in less than 2 minutes!

2 Button Code Alarm Replacement Remote
Code Alarm Chapman GOH-MM6-101890 CRCX3
Today's Sale Price:
You Save:
In Stock:8

Buy Code Alarm CRCX3 Remote FCC ID GOH-MM6-101890 
Remote Part Number: CRCX3

  • 1 New Code Alarm, Chapman & Directed Electronics 2-Button Replacement Remote
  • Includes Qwiksync™ DIY Remote Programming Guide
  • Interchangeable Part Numbers: CRCX3 & 469T
  • New Replace remote for any remote with the following FCC ID's: GOH-MM6-101890, GOH-M24, GOH-M41-014, GOH 717 JLK, GOH-3YK-BTPRX, GOH-052-RMTPL, ELVATKC, DOC: 1409 K791, GOH-3YK-BTPRTX, GOH-113-PRO3K, GOH-103-GAFDC, GOH-3YKCA-UTX, GOH-MX1, EZS469
  • Replacement Remote for Code Alarm models: CSM2.5, C 350, C 400, C 450, C 500, C 550, ELITE DM1500, DM1500, Elite 911, Elite 950, Elite 1100, Elite 1500, Elite 2000SE, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 750, Pro 1000, Pro 2500, Pro 3000, Pro 3500, Pro 7000, RCS2, RKE1, Scorpion 400, SureStart RVS, SureStart SE, SureStart SE 433 & Chapman. Also Ford, Subaru, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, X-22, Systems w/SS1 Shock Sensors, General Motors systems with same FCC ID.
  • Pre-Loaded GP23A Battery Included
  • 1 Year Warranty & Tech Support
  • Automatic 10% OFF each remote when you order a pair of remotes

The above CRCX3 is also the replacement remote for several older discontinued OEM remotes pictured above that has any one of the same FCC ID's listed in the FCC ID compatibility list above.

Code Alarm or Chapman GOH-FRDPC2002 CATX433 Remote
Today's Sale Price:
You Save:
In Stock:5

Buy Code Alarm Chapman Remote GOH-FRDPC2002
Remote Part Number: 1011112

  • 1 New Replacement Remote for Code Alarm, Chapman & Ford Systems
  • Includes Qwiksync™ DIY Remote Programming Guide w/Tech Support
  • *FCC ID Compatibility: GOH-FRDPC2002, GOH-FRDPC2000, GOH-TSM-23 and ELVATPA
  • Equivalent Part Numbers: CATX433, 1011112, IC: 3671B-CATX4330, 2W7Z-15K601-AA, 101093-5-F50/55
  • Replacement remote for Code Alarm, Ford & Chapman models: F10, F12, F15, F17, F-20, F-25, F50, F55, CPLMM and F-30/35's, F50/55 with same FCC ID
  • Includes Qwiksync™ DIY Remote Programming Guide
  • Pre-Loaded GP23A Battery Included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Tech Support available by Live Chat, Email or Phone
  • Automatic 10% OFF each remote when you order 2 or more

*No matter what icons, writing or brand is indicated on your remote, only the amount of buttons on your remote (2) and the FCC ID has to match one of the FCC ID's listed in the compatibility list above for the 1011110 remote to be the one you need.

"Thank you for all your help. It is great to work with people that know their product and their system. I found my push-button for my unit. It was exactly where you said. Again thank you"  sent by Pete F. 02-04-16

Ford 2 Button Remote GOH-M24 or GOH-MM6-101890 E9AZ19A361F
Today's Sale Price:
You Save:

Remote Part Number: E9AZ-19A361F


  • Part Number: E9AZ19A361F
  • FCC ID Compatibility: GOH-M24 and GOH-MM6-101890
  • Replacement remote for any Ford, Mazda, Code Alarm or Chapman remote with the same FCC ID's
  • Includes Qwiksync DIY remote programming guide
  • Pre-Loaded GP23A Battery Included
  • 1 Year Warranty & Tech Support
  • Save an additional 10% OFF each remote when you purchase 2 or more
Code Alarm ELVATCG CATX 510 Remote
Today's Sale Price:
You Save:

Buy Code Alarm ELVATCG
Remote Part Number: CATX510



  • New Code Alarm CATX510 Replacement Remote
  • Includes QwikSync™ DIY Remote Programming Guide w/Tech Support
  • Remote Part Number: CATX510
  • Replacement Remote for Code Alarm models: CA510 & CA510A
  • Includes Pre-Loaded Battery
  • Automatic 10% OFF each remote when you order 2 or more
Ford Code Alarm PRO 300 Kia FCC ID GOH-4BFM2497 or FCC ID GOH-3BL98, F7AZ-15K601-AB
Today's Sale Price:
You Save:

Remote Part Number: PT6C DISCONTINUED: 


  • 1 New Ford, Code Alarm and Kia 3 Button Replacement Remote
  • Includes Qwiksync™ DIY Remote Programming Guide w/Tech Support
  • FCC ID Compatibility: GOH-3BL98, GOH-3BFM2497, 3BL98 and PCB0202D
  • Compatible Part Numbers: PT6, PT6C or Ford Part: F7AZ-15K601-AB, VSS-600, F7AZ-19A361-AA & Kia Part: UPP990-AY062
  • Replacement Remote for Ford, Kia, Code Alarm Keyless Entry and/or Alarm Systems (button icons may vary) Code Alarm Elite 2100, PRO300, Ford System 6
  • Includes Qwiksync™ DIY remote programming guide
  • Pre-Loaded GP23A battery included
  • 1 Year Warranty & Tech Support
  • **Purchase Note** All 3 remote versions are basically the same remote, only the Logo's and case design slightly differ. The only version still available, and the one you will receive will have the Ford logo on it, but it will still work exactly as your original no matter what logo or case design you have.

Code Alarm Remotes Customer Testimonial's

"Reaching out to tell you I'm a happy customer. Top notch service. Got my new remote programmed and it works great:))))) Thank you!" 05-29-2018

"Products and tech service if needed are phenomenal at MotorCityRemotes. People there are very knowledgeable about their products and can help you over the phone even with what you may think is a difficult problem, thanks MotorCityRemotes"  G. Alvarado (05-15-2018)"

Sincere shout out to Derek & Bob! A few weeks ago you guys helped me get an old code alarm system going that was in a used Ford Focus I bought for my Daughter that was going away to school. I called around and no one was familiar with older systems and just wanted me to buy a new system for $400.00 bucks. I spoke to Bob and he set me up with a new remote with instructions where I could program the remote myself. I got the remote programmed but it would only lock and unlock the doors and not remote start so I called in and Bob had me talk to Derek, and he walked me through some "tweaks and settings" (thats what he called it) that I had no idea what I was doing but within 15 minutes her car was remote starting. The remote cost me $45.00, the service they provided me was worth 3 times as much, now I know why this company is so busy! Thank you guys! (01-14-18)

"I purchased a new remote button for my Lincoln MKX and it came right away in the mail with the programming instructions attached to it. In just a very few minutes I had it programmed and working perfectly from inside my home to my car in my unattached garage. How awesome! Last time I bought the button on an auction site used, and paid a shop $75.00 to program my button. They stated it took 45 mins to do and that they had to get under the hood and.....yada yada yada and already I had to buy a new button not hardly a year later. I HAD A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY AND I WILL RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!  Posted by Jeannette R. 12/2016

"Just wanted to send a quick note as a customer to let you know about an experience I had this afternoon with one of your Technical Assistance folks.  His name was Bob and we had a dialogue through the chat feature.  I have been troubleshooting my CA510A remote start that I recently lost the remote for.  I could not locate the programming switch and finally figured out that there was not one installed on the unit. He helped me navigate your website and get the proper part ordered.  He handled himself very well and was very professional and treated me as if I was a long term customer. As I told  him, good customer service is a lost art in the business world.  Glad to see that it is alive and with your company.  Kudo’s to Bob". Mark G. from Bloomington, IL (10-21-16)

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