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Code Alarm CAT1
1-Button Replacement Remote

FCC ID: H5OT45 (or H50T45)


Remote Identification Numbers & Letters are on the outside back of your existing remotes' case (flip it over, and you may need a magnifying glass!).

To ensure replacement remote compatibility: your existing remote must have at least one matching FCC ID or PART NUMBER (or both) in the new replacement remotes' description below for the new replacement remote to work.

Code Alarm CAT1 H50T67 H5OT67 CATX1B H50T45 H5OT45
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Order Code Alarm CATX1B Remote 

1 New Code Alarm CAT1 (or CATX1B) 1-Button Remote Starter Replacement Remote

  • Compatible Replacement Remote FCC ID's: H5OT45, H50T45, H5OTR44, H50TR44, H5OT67, H50T67
  • Compatible Replacement Remote Part Numbers: CAT1, CATX1B, CATX-1B, CA1B, CA1B5, CAT1MTW, CATX1TW, PN1, 41800252
  • Also the Compatible Replacement Remote for Code Alarm System Models: CA4050, CA4051, CA4053, CA4054, CA4552, CA4553, CA4554, CA4055, CA4555, Panther PA420C & 41800252
  • Includes Qwiksync™ Easy Do-It-Yourself Remote Programming Guide
  • Pre-Loaded Batteries Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Tech Support Available by Email, LIVE CHAT, and Phone 7 Days a Week
  • Automatic 10% OFF each remote when you order 2 or more (systems can work with up to 4 remotes at the same time)

Order Online or Call 1-866-244-8004 for Assistance and to Order by Phone

Code Alarm CATX1B CAT1 Replacement Remote H5OT45

REPLACEMENT REMOTE PRECAUTIONS: When searching for a replacement remote transmitter for any OEM (i.e. factory installed) or aftermarket system for your vehicle it is very important to be aware of a few general guidelines...1st, and probably the most important is, you can't always just go by the way the remote looks when choosing the correct replacement remote. Many transmitters look identically the same but work on different operating frequencies. Meaning, that even though it may look the same, but because of the difference in operating frequencies, you won't be able to program the remote to your system to get it to work. 

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