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Automotive Anti-Theft Starter-Kill Keypad Alarm System

Automotive Anti-Theft Starter-Kill Keypad

Ignition Tamper Detection with Alarm Notification: The Failsafe™ 103T-VSS is designed to automatically detect ignition tampering along with preventing the vehicle from being started, even with the key, in the event the ignition was turned ON before the system's security code is entered. 

Automotive Anti-Theft Starter Kill Keypad Alarm
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  • Available in the Vehicle Specific System platform (VSS) for over 1000 models of Vehicle's
  • Automatic 10% OFF Each Unit w/Purchases of 2 or More
  • Fleet Sales, Call for a Quote: 1-866-244-8004
Prevent Auto Theft Hot Wiring Starter Kill Switch

Anti-Theft Keypad Kill-Switch


  • Surface Mounted Keypad: 
    Easily mounted on the vehicle's dash using the supplied 2-way 3M backing tape, with a flat-wound plugin cable that is easy ran between crevices on the dash for easy routing to the system's control module.
  • Program your own Personalized Security PIN Code:
    Over 10 Billion Personalized Security Code Combinations that can easily be changed, an UNLIMITED amount of times, as often as you want. PIN Codes can range from 1 to 10 Digits and any digit can be repeated.
  • Passive Arming:
    Automatically arms itself 15 seconds after the ignition is turned OFF.
  • Keypad Illumination:
    Pressing any button will illuminate the keypad. The illumination will automatically time out after 5 seconds.
  • Starter-Kill:
    Prevents the starter from cranking when the system is activated.
  • Built-In Flashing LED:
    The LED on the keypad will flash steadily every second to indicate that the system is armed. A great deterrent.
  • Alarm Output:
    The system will beep the vehicle's horn within 5 seconds of the system detecting that the ignition was turned ON, and beep the vehicle's horn for 30 seconds, for up to 4 x 30-second cycles.
  • Automatic Rearm:
    If the system was tampered with, and the 4 x 30-second alarm cycle's completed, the system will reset/rearm itself.
  • Keypad Tamper Alarm:
    The system will trigger if 3 attempts in a row with the wrong code were entered.
  • Valet Mode:
    Prevents the system from arming/triggering (System OFF Mode) when the ignition is turned OFF. This feature is useful when washing or servicing your vehicle. The LED on the keypad will remain ON when the unit is in valet mode. And as a power saver mode, the LED will automatically turn OFF if the system is left in the valet mode for over an hour.
  • Panic Alarm Mode:
    In the unfortunate event that a personal emergency or threatening position in the vehicle occurs, pressing the #  & panic buttons on the keypad will sound the alarm for 30 seconds to bring attention to the vehicle.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty: will repair or replace any part of this system that finds failed from manufacturer quality, workmanship, or material, under normal everyday use for a period of 2-years from date-of-delivery.
  • Vehicle Specific System (VSS):
    The 103T-VSS system is available in the vehicle-specific ready platform for over 1000 years, makes, and models of vehicles. You will be asked to enter the year, make, and model of vehicle the system will be installed into during checkout.
  • Vehicle Specific, Step-by-Step Installation Guide:
    The system includes an easy-to-follow step-by-step vehicle-specific installation manual that indicates exactly which wire from the system connects to which wire in the vehicle, where the wire in the vehicle is located, and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the kits included LED style 12V test probe.
  • Quick-Connect Installation Connector Kit:
    The system includes all the connectors needed to make all the required connections from the system to the vehicle's wiring. No soldering or splicing is required. The system is installed using quick connect, 3M style T-Tap connectors.
  • Straight Forward Installation:
    The system commonly requires only 4 connections made to a vehicle's wiring.  For most installations, the required wires in the vehicle that need to be connected to, are found under the steering column covers. Details will be provided in the VSS installation guide.
  • Lifetime Technical Support:
    Available 7 days a week by Phone, Email, or LIVE CHAT.
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