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APSPS1 Motorcycle alarm and security system

Alarm Your Motorcycle with the Prestige APSPS1 Digital-Tilt & Vibration Sensor

The Prestige APSPS1 by VOXX Electronics is the most advanced and security-packed alarm protection for Motorcycles offered in the aftermarket industry to date. The highest of QC build quality that has been IP65 Rated, can provide up to 5 layers of alarm protection and the ability to use a siren or the vehicle's horn for alarm notification with the addition of flashing the running lights and much more, you will feel more assured about parking your bike when leaving it unattended.

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Motorcycle Alarm


Features and Protection the APSPS1 System Provides:

  • Compact Waterproof Control Module (See dimensions below), IP65 Rated: 
    An IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It's suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won't encounter extreme weather such as flooding. The ratings widely accepted as 'waterproof' for most general purposes are IP65, IP66, and IP67. And with the control module's compact design you shouldn't have any problem finding room on your bike for placement during installation.
  • Includes Two, 2-Button Waterproof Remote Control Transmitters with Blue LED Indicator (as pictured):
  • Built-In Auto-Adjusting Digital-Tilt Sensor:
    No matter what angle your bike is parked at the system will auto-adjust to that angle within 10 seconds after arming the system. Then the APSPS1 will sense and trigger the alarm when it is tilted out of the parked position. 4 Degrees of Tilt Level Detection to choose from: After installation, the system can easily be adjusted to the degree of tilt desired that will trigger the alarm (Default level is 5 degrees). Adjustable to 1, 5, 15 or 30 degrees sensitivity.
  • Built-In Vibration/Shock Sensor:
    As an extra layer of security protection, the system provides 8 adjustable levels of vibration detection made to your motorcycle that will instantly trigger the alarm.
  • Choice of Alarm Sound:
    The APSPS1 system provides you with the choice of using the included mini 90 Dbl ultra-sonic Piezo siren or the vehicle's horn as the alarm's sounding source.
  • Arm & Disarm Chirps w/Silent Choice:
    By default, the system will pulse the chosen sounding device to indicate audibly when the system is armed and disarmed. This feature can be turned OFF if silent arming and disarming are preferred.
  • Running Lights Flash:
    When the alarm is triggered the system will flash the vehicle's front and rear running lights while the alarm is sounding. Also flashes 1X when the system is armed and 2X when the system is disarmed.
  • Pre-Wired Surface Mounted Red Status LED (no hole to drill):
    After the system is armed it will flash the included LED every second to indicate that the alarm system is ON. Turns OFF when the system is disarmed.
  • Lost or Stolen Remote Security:
    Easily erase any lost or stolen remotes from operating the system.
  • 4 Remote Transmitters Capability:
    The system can be controlled with up to 4 remote transmitters. (Extra remotes sold separately. The System includes 2 remotes).
  • Emergency Override Feature:
    The system can be disabled by a personal custom code created by the user in case a remote has been lost or has become inoperative. If the vehicle is operated without disarming the system with a remote-first the alarm will sound and the vehicle will not start when attempting to start it with the key (if the starter-kill option has been installed). A custom code can be entered into the system while the alarm is sounding to deactivate the alarm and starter-kill until a working or new remote is available.
  • Windshield Sticker:
    "Vehicle Equipped with a Security System" Sticker for Fairings with Clear Windshields.
  • 2-Year Parts Repair or Replacement Warranty: will directly repair or replace any part of this system that we find failed from normal everyday wear & tear use for a period of 2-years from date-of-delivery. Any system feature failures must be reported to our technical support team by phone at 1-586-244-8003 to confirm system failure and warranty coverage (warranty support number also supplied in your installation guide). We do not honor any consumer or 3rd party determination of a defective product.
  • Lifetime Tech Support:
    Available by Phone or Email 7 Days a Week!
  • Shipped USPS:
    We ship to all US States and territories, APO, PO Boxes, and Canada.

Additional Features Include:

  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions w/Test Probe:
    Every system comes with a comprehensive step-by-step installation manual (designed and written in the USA!) that indicates what wire from the system needs to be connected to what polarity type of wire on the motorcycle and how to test and confirm that you found the correct wire using the system's included LED style test probe.
  • Built-In Starter-Kill (immobilizer) Circuit (Included option):
    No external relay needed: This system has a built-in starter-kill circuit that would prevent the bike from being started, even with the key, after the alarm was triggered.
  • Passive or Active Arming:
    The system can be set to automatically arm itself 60 seconds after the ignition is turned off (Passive setting) OR only arm when the ARM button on the remote is pressed (Active setting).
  • Ignition ON Alarm:
    Example: If the system was armed with the keys left in the ignition with the ignition OFF, the alarm will trigger if the ignition was turned ON, and if the above starter-kill circuit was installed, the bike would not crank until the system was turned OFF with one of the remotes.
  • Closed Loop Trigger (Included option):
    A ground loop connection that can be applied by
  • Tamper Notification:
    If the system was triggered when you were too far away from the bike to hear the siren/horn sounding, the system will provide feedback indicating which zone was triggered while you were away. When you disarm the system, the system will sound/pulse 4X and flash the running lights a specific number of times (4 to 7X) to indicate which sensor was triggered.
  • Extra Negative Trigger Input:
    An extra negative chassis ground trigger input that will instantly trigger the alarm system that can be used for any additional external sensor, pin-switch, mercury tilt switch, etc. that will output a negative chassis ground output when activated.
  • Alarm Activation by Remote (a.k.a. Panic Mode):
    Press and holding the ARM button on the remote for three seconds will activate the alarm. During alarm mode, the normal function of the remote control buttons will be suspended. To stop the alarm, press and release the DISARM button on the remote control OR the system will automatically stop after thirty seconds.
  • Auxiliary Output with Choice of 1 of 3 Output Settings:
    The system provides a low-level negative auxiliary output that is activated by press & holding both buttons on the remote simultaneously. This output can be preset for 1 of 3 outputs: Setting #1: 1-second pulse, Setting #2: latched until both buttons are pressed again, or setting #3: latched until the ignition is turned ON. This output will require an external relay when utilized or damage will result to the output (external relay not included). Example application:  To provide "Retained Accessory Power" using setting #2 (Latched until both buttons are pressed again). An external relay can be wired to supply power to the ignition's accessory position wire which would allow remote ON to OFF control of the radio without the need of leaving a key in the ignition.
  • Designed, and Assembled in the USA

Installation Notes:

  • Basic installation to provide just digital tilt and shock protection only requires 4 connections to the bike (1 more if you prefer to use the siren as a sounding device). 7 connections if you want to use the siren and flash the running lights. Standard connections are +12V Constant, +12V Switched, Chassis Ground, - Negative Horn.
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