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Prestige 901TM-VSS Vehicle Specific Ready
Remote Starter Kit

Prestige APS901Z Remote Starters

Have the "VSS" Advantage. The Leading "DIY" Line of Remote Starter Systems Since 2002

The VSS Advantage Vehicle Specific Ready Remote Car Starters

The Prestige 901TM-VSS™ is the vehicle specific system platform available for over 500 vehicles that you pre-order for the exact year, make and model of vehicle the system is going to be installed into. Not only is the system checked for your vehicle's compatibility, there will be no additional parts required, vehicle information or programming needed before the installation, go straight from box to installation.

Since 2002 our VSS line of remote car starter and alarm systems have been designed with the novice installer in mind where 100% of the "DIY" prep-work is already done for you. No sitting with a lap full of spaghetti-wire trying to figure out what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where the wire is located and how to confirm that you found the correct wire in your vehicle. Each system's wiring harness is set-up for your specifc vehicle. No multimeter required!


Whats in the box? DIY remote car starters installation kit

What's in the box? The VSS Platform Advantage:

All VSS platforms include a vehicle specific step-by-step installation guide that will indicate exactly what color wire from the system connects to what color wire in your vehicle, where the wire is located, and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the kits supplied test probe.

The majority of our guides also include color photos of the wire's location in the vehicle and most of the systems connections to the vehicle are made using 3M style T-Taps for a quick & clean connection, and to eliminate the need to directly splice in or solder the wires. The wiring from the system will also come with machine-crimped insulated male spade connectors on the end of the wires (see photo above) to make the connection even faster. The system also carries a 2-year limited warranty directly through our company with lifetime tech support available 7 days a week by phone, email or txt.


Prestige APS901Z Remote Starter System
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Prestige Systems by Voxx Electronics

Optimized for Faster & Easier Installation

  • Step-by-Step System-to-Vehicle Installation Guide
  • Color-Coded Wire-to-Wire Installation
  • Pre-Wired Harness
  • Pre-Programmed Flashlogic Bypass Interface Kit
  • Pre-Set Polarity Inputs & Outputs
  • Installation Connector Package
  • Complete Kit, No Additional Parts Required
  • LED Style Test Probe to use with Installation Guide
  • Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee
  • Installation Tech Support Available 7 Days a Week


System Specifications:
  • Ordered Vehicle Specific Ready*
  • Includes 2 x 1-Button Remotes w/Blue LED
  • Remote Start from Up to 1500' Away
  • Flashing Parking Lights
  • Adjustable Remote Start Run Times
  • Gas or Diesel Compatible
  • ASCL6 Carlink Smartphone Interface Plug&Play Compatible
  • Available for over 350 Years, Makes & Models of Vehicles
  • Professional Grade. Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications
  • 3 Year Direct Warranty


Available for over 500 different years, makes & models of vehicles. Every order is checked for vehicle compatibility by one of our technicians within the same day and will notify you via email about your vehicle's compatibility status.

In the event that this system is not available in the vehicle specific system platform for your vehicle, we will immediately email you the status (and inform you if there is another model compatible) and/or cancel the order and release your payment; when you place an order your payment is only captured to confirm funds availability. Not until vehicle compatibility is confirmed will the payment be processed.

Prestige 901TM-VSS Remote Starter System Details:

Includes 2 Newly Designed Slimline Remotes:
The 901TM-VSS includes two chromed-metal reinforced 1-button remotes that will withstand the daily wear & tear of hanging by your keychain and provide optimum performance that gets up to 1500 feet of remote start activation.

Safety 2-Press Remote Start Activation: 
The remote starter is activated by pressing the remote start button on the remote 2X within 3 seconds. This setting helps prevent any accidental activation that could occur with a single press activation setting.

Parking Lights Confirmation: 
Visual confirmation that you activated the remote starter: The system will flash the vehicle's parking lights 1X right after you activate the remote starter and then turn the parking lights on solid shortly afterward to indicate that the vehicle is running via the remote starter.

Pre-Heat/Pre-Cool Activation:
Pre-setting your vehicle's heat settings prior to exiting your vehicle will enable you to pre-warm the interior and defrost the windshield when your vehicle is running via the remote starter. Same with the vehicle's AC, just pre-set the AC settings where you like it and it will pre-cool the interior on those hot days from it sitting in the sun.

Multiple Remote Start Run Times: 
The system will be set up for you with whatever run time you wish that's available: Your choices will be 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 or 60 minutes. You can order the system pre-set with any one of these times. 15 minutes is the industry standard. You can easily change the run time yourself anytime after installation.

Quick-Stop Mode: 
A cool feature that allows you to keep the engine running without having to leave the keys in the ignition: While the engine is still running with the keys, you press the remote start button on the remote 2X and when you turn off the ignition and remove the keys the engine will remain running for the duration of the remote start run time.

Horn Beep Confirmation: 
The system sends a quick pulse to the horn of your vehicle for sound confirmation that the remote starter was activated. This feature can be turned off if desired.

Safety Brake Pedal Shut-Down Input: 
A mandatory connection that will immediately shut down the remote starter system if you step on the vehicle's brake pedal before you put the key's into the ignition and turn the ignition on (a.k.a. "key-take-over" feature).

Valet/Remote Start ON/OFF Mode:
The system includes a valet mode where the remote starter feature can be temporarily turned off inhibiting the remotes from being able to activate the system.

Windshield Mounted Antenna w/Built-In Programming/Valet Button & Status LED: 
Commonly mounted at the top inside center of the vehicle's windshield directly behind the rear-view mirror for optimal operating range. The antenna conveniently incorporates both the system's programming/valet button and status LED. This eliminates any hole drilling in the vehicle's dash and reduces the amount of wire's needed to be run under the dash during installation.

Door Unlock Capability: 
For vehicles where the factory remotes don't work when the engines running, the system has the ability to unlock the vehicle's doors when the vehicle is running via the remote starter (Feature not applicable to all vehicles).

Multiple Remotes Capability:
The 901TM-VSS™ system can be programmed to work with one or two additional remotes for a total of up to 4 remotes at the same time (additional remotes sold separately. Discounted remotes w/system purchase offered during checkout).

Diesel Compatible/Adjustable Delay Timer: 
Programmable crank delay settings for Diesel engines. The system will be pre-set for you with any of the pre-set times available. Your choice of "wait-to-start" times are 10, 15, or 20 seconds before crank to allow for proper glow-plug warming. You will be able to easily change this setting if need be after installation. Industry-standard time is 15 seconds.

Data Bypass/Interface Port: 
Dedicated input used when installing the additional bypass kit included and required for most vehicles on the road today equipped with factory anti-theft systems (a.k.a. "transponder keys"). This plug-in port eliminates any wiring needed between the remote starter module and the bypass kit. (Wiring between the bypass interface and vehicle required).

3 Year Limited Warranty: will repair or replace any part of the system installed on the interior of the vehicle that’s found to fail from normal everyday wear & tear use for a period of 3-Years from date-of-delivery (1 year on remotes; functional features only. Remote case, rubber buttons, and batteries are not covered).

Carlink ASCL6 Smartphone Interface Plug&Play Ready!


Installer Testimonials:

  • "Today I installed a remote start system in my '06 F150 4x4 and installed it in about 3 hours time. For less than $200.00 and $3.49 shipping you can't go wrong. Outstanding step by step instructions with photos and the system is made vehicle specific, which in my opinion is priceless."  04-21-2019
  • "I have been looking to install remote start in both my vehicles. I have a 2003 Ford F-150 pretty much available anywhere. However my 2009 Lexus IS 350 not so much, I called local dealers, online retailers all saying a very difficult install there would not recommend doing yourself. I have been in automotive for over 30 yrs Master tech. Then I found Motor city remotes and talked to Derek. He is great! He knows the remote start system. He highly recommend going with one button 2-way LED up to a mile and recommend going with a 2-way 5 button led over a mile for my Ford. We just got these in he said. Anyways to some it up, great experience all the way to the install and beyond. Both systems work flawless, couldn’t be happier and the led conformation that your vehicle 🚗 is started and running is great. Once again great job Derek and thanks for convincing me spending the extra money for the 2-way systems is the way to go. Highly recommend using these guys." Gary 03-2019
  • "Just wanted to say thanks man! Got it working great! Hands down any system that I need or a friend needs will definitely be sent your way! Never received such good customer service from a company in my life!"  Casey P. (Installed a 2LEDZ-VSS into a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic 2500HD Diesel)

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