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Prestige APS997Z 1 Mile Range 2-Way Remote Starter Kit

Prestige 997Z-VSS Vehicle Specific System, 2-Way Confirming LCD
w/Remote Start, Alarm and Keyless Entry. Up to 1-Mile Range!

DIY Vehicle Specific Systems Remote Starters


The Prestige 997Z-VSS™ Kit is a Vehicle Specific System that will arrive at your door complete with all the parts and information you'll need to install the system into your specific vehicle. Available in the Vehicle Specific platform for ove 500 vehicles. And if you have any questions before, during or after the install, we have professional installers with years of hands-on experience on call 7 days a week. Have the VSS Advantage™ on your next install today!

Prestige 997Z-VSS 2-Way Remote Start, Alarm w/Keyless Entry
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Order Prestige APS997Z-VSS 2-Way Remote Starter Kit

Industry Leader in Vehicle Specific Systems' since 2002

  • Custom Ordered Vehicle Specific Ready
  • No Additional Parts Required
  • Step-by-Step, System-to-Vehicle Installation Guide
  • LED Style Test Probe to use with VSS manual
  • Complete Quick-Connect T-Tap Installation Kit
  • Pre-Set Polarities, Inputs, & Outputs
  • RS Module and Bypass programmed with Latest Vehicle Specific Firmware
  • Includes any needed Bypass, Interface Kit, Relays, Diodes etc. for your specific vehicle
  • Lifetime Tech Support available 7 days a week!

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Spread Spectrum Technology 
Advanced SST Remotes "Spread Spectrum Technology" with an Operating Range that can Reach Up to 1 Mile!

Not only are the remotes to the 997Z-VSS rated best-in-class in quality and performance they are designed with the most secure form of radio frequency transmission technology currently available on any automotive system today. In addition to nearly eliminating any RF interference and providing quicker response and stronger range, this latest technology shift's the transmitters operating frequency continuously making it impossible for a thief to copy and rebroadcast your transmitter's code.

997Z-VSS Vehicle Specific System 2-Way Remote Start, Alarm w/Keyless Entry Features:

  • The Prestige 997Z-VSS is available in the Vehicle Specific System™ platform for over 500 different years, makes, and models of vehicles: All 997Z-VSS system orders are checked for vehicle compatibility before your order is completed. Vehicle compatibility confirmation status will be provided via Email shortly after you place your order.
  • 1 Mile Range, 2-Way Multi-Functional LCD Remote Transceiver:
    5-Button remote (3 on the side) back-lit indigo blue screen that runs off of a single AAA battery (included) for several months with a battery-saver mode setting for even longer battery life. It's 2-way confirming abilities will enable you to confirm successful remote starting of your vehicle, remaining run time, doors locked, unlocked, power trunk activation and much more all on screen and all within 1 MILE of your vehicle.
  • Includes a 2nd Chromed Metal Reinforced Ultra-Slim Remote Transmitter:
    Controls all the standard features of the system from the same distance as the 2-way remote just without the 2-way confirmation. Chromed metal reinforced to withstand the daily wear & tear of hanging from your keychain.
  • Safety 2-Press Remote Start Activation:
    The remote starter is activated by pressing the remote start button on the remote 2X within 3 seconds. This setting helps prevent any accidental activation that could occur with a single press activation.
  • Active Key-Take-Over Feature:
    The remote starter will remain active upon entering the vehicle and during the ignition being turned on with the key and when you step on the brake to shift into gear the remote starter shuts off yet the vehicle remains running without have to restart the vehicle with the key.
  • Safety & Security Brake Pedal Shut-Down Input:
    Mandatory connection that will immediately shut down the remote starter system if you step on the vehicle's brake pedal before you put the key into the ignition and turn the ignition on.
  • 6 Remote Starter Run Times:
    Your choice of 5, 10 (standard time) 15, 20, 45 and 60 minutes custom-set run times available. Choice provided during checkout.
  • Pre-Heat/Pre-Cool Interior:
    Pre-set your vehicle's heat settings prior to exiting your vehicle will enable you to pre-warm the interior and defrost the windshield the next time you activate the remote starter. Same with the vehicle's AC, just pre-set the AC settings where you like it and it will pre-cool the interior on those hot days from it sitting in the sun.
  • Quick-Stop Mode:
    A cool feature that allows you to keep the engine running without having to leave the keys in the ignition: While the engine is still running with the keys, you press the remote start button on the remote 2X and when you turn off the ignition and remove the keys the engine will remain running for the duration of the remote start run time. Now you will be able to exit the vehicle and remotely lock the doors, leaving it running without the keys in the ignition.
  • Flashing Parking Lights Indication:
    Visual confirmation when you lock or unlock the vehicle's doors or activate the remote starter: The system will flash the vehicles parking lights when you lock or unlock the doors and right after you activate the remote starter. After remote start activation it will turn the parking lights on solid shortly afterward to confirm that the vehicle is running via the remote starter.
  • Illuminated Entry: 
    The system has the ability to automatically turn your vehicle's parking lights on at the same time you unlock the doors with the systems remotes for 30 seconds. Feature offered during checkout.
  • All Entrance Alarm Protection: 
    The system will alarm all your vehicle's doors and sound either the vehicle's or a siren (choice) when any of the vehicle's doors are opened and send a signal to the systems 2-way remote to notify you of the intrusion.
  • Adjustable Shock/Impact Sensor Protection: 
    The system will trigger if any high-impact is made to the vehicle, for instance, if someone was to back into the vehicle or try to tow it away. This sensor will also send a signal to the systems 2-way remote to notify you of the impact.
  • Horn Pulse Confirmation w/Silent Choice:
    One quick press of the lock or unlock button will send a pulse to your vehicles horn for audio confirmation or hold either button for 2 seconds and it will silently lock or unlock the doors. Theres also a quick procedure where you can completely turn the audio confirmation off or on at any time.
  • Car Finder Feature:
    Locate your vehicle in crowded parking lots! Press & holding the lock button on one of the systems remotes for over 3 seconds will activate the car finder feature which will pulse the vehicles horn and flash the vehicles parking lights for 30 seconds (or you can stop it from sounding sooner just by pressing the button again).
  • Ignition Controlled Door Lock and/or Unlock: Many newer vehicles on the road today have auto-locks which locks the vehicle's doors shortly after you begin to drive, if your vehicle is not equipped with this feature you can order this system to provide it. And it can be custom pre-configured for you with in a few ways: Auto-lock with ignition ON only, Auto-lock & unlock with ignition ON/OFF or just unlock doors with ignition OFF or completely OFF for vehicle's already with the factory feature.
  • Power Trunk/Hatch Activation:
    For vehicle's equipped with a power trunk or hatch release, just press & hold the remote's trunk icon button for over 3 seconds and it will separately pop open your vehicles trunk (or hatch).
  • Windshield Mounted Antenna with Built-In Valet Button & Status LED:
    Commonly and easily mounted on the inside top-center of the vehicle's windshield for optimum range, the antenna conveniently incorporates both the system's valet button and status LED. This eliminates any hole drilling to the vehicles dash and reduces the amount of wire's needed to be run under the dash during installation.
  • Diesel Engine Compatible:
    3 available ignition/crank delay settings for Diesel engines. The system will be pre-set for you with any one of the pre-set times available. Your choice of "wait-to-start" times are: 10, 15, or 20 seconds before crank to allow for proper glow-plug warming. You will be able to easily change this setting if need be after installation.
  • Turbo Cool-Down Timer:
    This option will keep your engine running to allow your vehicle’s turbo to properly cool down before shutting the engine off. This system has 3 available turbo timer run times: 3, 5 and 10 minutes. If you need it, the choice is provided during ordering.
  • FailSafe Design:
    In the rare event of a system failure or auto related electrical problems the 997Z-VSS system cannot prevent you from normally starting your vehicle with a key.
  • Lifetime Tech Support w/Built-In Diagnostics:
    If you ever have a problem with the system in the future the RS997-VSS has built-in diagnostics that utilizes your vehicle's parking lights to indicate a flashing code indicating the problem. Just count the flashes and call, email or txt and one of our tech's will assist you with determining the problem.
  • Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee:
    The 997Z-VSS is available in the VSS platform for over 500 different models of vehicles. You will be asked to indicate the year, make and model of vehicle the system will be installed into during ordering. If in the rare event that one of our technicians finds that the system is not available in the VSS platform for your specific vehicle, we will email you the status within 1-24 hours, void the order and promptly release your payment.
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs:
    For more advanced installer's looking for a system that has auxiliary outputs for future expandable options like window roll-up/down, sunroof control etc. this system has 3 negative auxiliary outputs and each can be adjusted to 1 of 5 different timed outputs: pulse, push & hold, 10 sec. latched, 20 sec. latched and latched ON/OFF. Call us for complete details.
  • Custom Vehicle Specific Build Time is 2-3 Days (not counting Sundays): Ships-Out USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail, Insured w/Auto Tracking: No need for you to manually track your order: Once your purchase is shipped, within 24 hours you will begin receiving via email periodic destination updates as your shipment moves through the USPS system. This information will also include the estimated time of arrival, any delivery delays, and final delivery notification.

    Please note that once an order is in the possession of the USPS, cannot be responsible for handling and delivery times. In the very rare event that your package was lost or damaged in transit, will make the lost or damaged claim for you and reship another at no cost or your need of any involvement with USPS (we will take care of everything). Thank you for considering your purchase with us!
DIY Remote Starter Installation Kit

3 Year VIP Warranty: Our Best Warranty Ever!
In the rare event that you have a problem with your system within 3 years from date-of-delivery, just contact our technical support department and after they determine the problem, they will email you a USPS return shipping label for the defective part and ship you the repaired or replacement part within 2 business days of receiving the defective part at no cost to you! Remotes carry a 1 year warranty only. And if you happen to be out of warranty, you still have lifetime tech support and will receive a VIP 10% discount on any out of warranty replacement parts you need. 3 year warranty coverage extends only to full systems installed successfully that failed under normal every day wear & tear due to factory defect or QC issues.

  • Data Bypass/Interface Port
    Dedicated input used when installing the additional bypass interface kit required for most vehicles on the road today equipped with factory installed anti-theft systems. This plug-in port eliminates any wiring needed between the remote starter module and the bypass kit (bypass/interface kit included. Wiring between the bypass interface and vehicle required).
  • Includes any needed "NKR" Bypass Interface Kit 
    No need to give up one of your vehicles keys (or purchase a 3rd key) in order to install a remote car starter in your vehicle: The NKR ("No Key Required" for operation) bypass interface kit included with a VSS system only requires your vehicle's keys for programming, not operation, meaning you don't have to stick one of your keys in a box, mount it under the dash and wrap an antenna loop around your ignition cylinder.
  • Includes Power Door Locks Interface
    No matter what type of power door lock circuit your vehicle is equipped with the system will include the needed component. Many vehicles on the road today have what is known as a "data-type" or "multiplexed" power door locking circuit. This means that the vehicle is not equipped with conventional positive or negative triggered wiring that can simply be tapped into when installing an aftermarket keyless entry system. When a vehicle is equipped with this type of power door locks circuit an additional interface kit is necessary to install any brand of keyless entry system. Additionally, many older vehicles can require an additional 5 -wire relay adaptor with or without resistors, no matter what type of power door lock circuit your vehicle is equipped with the mandatory component will be included with the kit.
  • Step-by-Step Vehicle Specific Installation Guide 
    No surfing the internet, no videos to watch, no sitting with a lap-full of "spaghetti-wire" and jumping from wiring chart to manual, trying to figure out what wires are needed (or not needed) to connect to your vehicle. Each CA5554-VSS system include's a step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual to indicate exactly what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where the wire is located and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the VSS kits supplied LED style test probe.
  • LED Polarity Tester Probe Included 
    No need for using awkward multi-meters that indicate voltage level's that can confuse readings and require the use of two probes and a bare spot on the wire in order to take a reading. Each of our VSS kits includes an easy to use LED style test probe to use along with the VSS kits step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual. This test probe simplifies the procedure of finding and testing for the correct wire in your vehicle by lighting a green or red LED to indicate the target wire's polarity (explained in each step of our vehicle specific install manuals).
  • Vehicle Specific Extras
    To avoid the inconvenience of getting into the middle of an installation and finding out that you need to stop and run to the auto parts store for a relay or radio shack for some resistor's or whatever, we include any needed extra relays w/harness (for example, for power trunk activation, 3rd Accessory etc.) and/or diodes, resistors, voltage inverters, etc. needed for your specific vehicle.
  • Quick-Connect Installation Kit
    Each VSS kit includes 3 different size's of quick-connect "T-Tap" connectors with male spade connectors machine crimped to the ends of the systems wiring for making quick connections from the system to your vehicle's wiring. Also included are crimp cap connectors for connecting wires end-to-end and self-tapping screws with ground loop connectors for making chassis ground connections to the vehicle. Nylon zip ties are also supplied for securing wiring, control module and sensor placement.
  • Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee
    You will be asked to indicate the year, make and model of vehicle the RS997-VSS system will be installed into during ordering. If in the rare event that one of our technicians finds that the system is not available in the VSS platform for your specific vehicle, we will immediately email you, cancel the order and promptly release your payment.
  • Lifetime Technical Support 
    Have access to some of the most qualified technicians in the industry, 7 days a week. Providing technical support since 2002, each member of our technical support staff has a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience installing alarms, keyless entry and remote car starter systems. And with one of the largest support networks in the industry, our technicians can be directly contacted via phone, email, through our massage board, support forum and even by txt. With our wide-range of communication options, if you ever have a problem or question you can feel confident that you can easily contact someone in our technical support department.
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